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Mark Deneen mdeneen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 21:38:25 CET 2012

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On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 3:33 PM, Philip Gaw <pgaw at darktech.org.uk> wrote:

>  On 28/11/2012 20:08, Mark Deneen wrote:
> I'd just like to note that we've had some trouble with certain NICs in
> which the adapter resets itself.  In this situation, funny things can
> happen with DRBD depending on how you are set up.  A switch in the middle
> keeps the link active on both nodes and can be used to prevent such a
> situation.
>  Have seen this myself on some HP kit (cant remember if it was broadcom
> onboard or intel add-in pci-e cards that displayed the issues though)
> I make almost exclusive use of Intel ET2 quad gigabit cards in my new SAN
> (+iSCSI) + network stack and they have proven to be stable, fast and solid.
> know of others using Intel I340-T2 with no issue :-)
> Thanks
I've had some trouble with Intel 82571EB based NICs resetting in the past,
but I'll take a look at the ET2 cards.  Quad gigabit is a bit extreme for
my setup, but I'll see what they have to offer.

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