[DRBD-user] Can't create internal meta-disk

marcus marcus at kermitplace.us
Mon Nov 26 00:05:31 CET 2012

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Hello again,
I am trying to setup DRBD in a test environment before deploying. I have 
created a brand new 50 GB, ext3, partition on 2 machines on my local 
network. No data on either partition I used the format on your website 
for the common section of global_common.config

common {
net { protocol C; }

But it didn't work!! I got an error saying “expecting options keyword 
but got protocols instead.” I had to use the following format to get the 
config to work.

common {
protocol C;

Now, when I tried to create the internal meta-data with the command:
drbdadm create-md r0
I got the following error message:

md_offset 52428795904
al_offset 52428763136
bm_offset 52427161600

Found ext3 filesystem
51200000 kB data area apparently used
51198400 kB left usable by current configuration

Device size would be truncated, which
would corrupt data and result in
'access beyond end of device' errors.
You need to either
* use external meta data (recommended)
* shrink that filesystem first
* zero out the device (destroy the filesystem)
Operation refused.

Command 'drbdmeta 1 v08 /dev/sdb1 internal create-md' terminated with 
exit code 40
drbdadm create-md r0: exited with code 40

how can I “zero out the device or otherwise use internal meta data?

r0.res - file contents:
resource r0 {
on host-1 {
device /dev/drbd1;
disk /dev/sdb1;
meta-disk internal;
on host-2 {
device /dev/drbd1;
disk /dev/sda6;
meta-disk internal;

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