[DRBD-user] Re: system freezes with drbd 0.7.21 on kernel 2.6.18

Hans-Joachim Baader hjb at pro-linux.de
Thu Jan 31 18:22:09 CET 2008

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Joachim Rieger wrote:

> 2 Hosts with Debian Etch and Kernel 2.6.18-4  ( 2.6.18-4-xen-amd64).
> On a SoftRAID/md (RAID1) I have two drbd partitions (drbd 0.7.21) with XEN
> (3.1) Containers on it and running heartbeat(2.0.7)

neither 2.6.18-4 nor DRBD 0.7.21 are current. You need to
upgrade to the latest versions first.

If you then experience further problems you should check if a
Xen update is available. In my case I got kernel panics and
consequently filesystem corruption so I dumped Xen and switched
to KVM.

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