[DRBD-user] Effectuation of drbd.conf change

N.J. van der Horn (Nico) nico at vanderhorn.nl
Wed Jun 20 11:00:03 CEST 2007

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2007/6/20, N.J. van der Horn (Nico) 
<<mailto:nico at vanderhorn.nl>nico at vanderhorn.nl>:
Greetings all !
At what moment(s) is the config-file re-read ?
I have experienced that "drbdadm syncer <resource>" effectuates a
change in e.g. "rate <speed>" immediately.
Is there a way to influent the moment of re-reading the config-file
after a change ?

You can re-configure drbd with `drbdadm adjust <all|resource>'.
Extract from the drbdadm man page:
« adjust
Synchronizes the configuration of device with 
your configuration file. You should always examine
the output of the dry-run mode before actually executing this command. »
Jérôme Augé

Forgive me, i see my Q was not sharp enough 
;-)  (hmmm do not want to bother you all with weak Q's).

Hope this will be a more correct Q:

         "At what _other_ moment(s) than 
"module-load/start" and "drbdadm adjust" is the config-file re-read ?"

The reason for asking is, that i hope to avoid 
surprises _before_ i want my changes to take effect.

Also, the config must be copied to the other node 
first, before you want it to take into effect.

In the mean time there can happen all kinds of 
real-world events that could trigger re-reading the config,
but the other side still has the previous version 
of the config-file, i think i should avoid this.

Sorry for not being clear enough in the first post, hope i compensated now.

mvg Nico
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