[DRBD-user] [proxmox 5.4]Cannot create VM, cannot restore : timeout linstor sp l...

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Wed Feb 5 11:53:39 CET 2020


in the logs you can see that `lvs` needs ~150ms, `vgs` ~15-20ms, `lvcreate`
~200ms, `drbdadm ... --create-md` about 3 seconds (that is fine)... so no
external command executed by linstor is exceptionally slow..

however, the reason that a `linstor err show` takes 20 seconds does not
sound good. processing that command basically sends a request to the
controller, the controller forwards the request to the specific satellite,
that satellite reads the content of the specific error report and sends it
back to the controller and thus to the client.
To be honest, there is only one cause that comes to my mind that could
explain this waiting time, namely if you have a huge amount of error
If you have, you should maybe cleanup old error reports (moving them away
from the usual directory should be enough)

regarding the last line of the log file you sent: linstor seems to be happy
with the auto-place (that scary large negative number at the ret_code is
only a warning that you apparently have only 2 nodes but auto-tiebreaker is
active.. without a 3rd node that feature cannot be used, which is what
linstor warns you about  - usually that warning can be safely ignored)

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