[DRBD-user] allow-two-primaries problem

Siniša Bandin sinisa at 4net.rs
Sat May 11 15:30:18 CEST 2019


I have a 3-node DRBD9 (9.0.17) cluster.

The problem is: although the option "allow-two-primaries" is NOT set, I 
am able to set two nodes as primary, even worse, to mount XFS file 
system on both.

I have tried to run:
# drbdadm net-options --allow-two-primaries=no res0
on all nodes, but it did not make any difference.

This is my first drbd9 cluster, previously on drbd8 it was impossible to 
make a node primary if there was a primary already.

auto-promote is not defined in config (perhaps it defaults to "yes"?)

If I set "auto-promote no;", I am still able to explicitly make more 
than one node Primary, even when the filesystem is already mounted on 
second Primary node.

Is this a bug, feature or what? I don't think this should work like 

Srdačan pozdrav/Best regards/Freundliche Grüße/Cordialement,
Siniša Bandin

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