[DRBD-user] Error message: Failed to create meta-data for DRBD volume

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Sat May 11 11:18:04 CEST 2019


well - yes. you have that mixed up. If you have a dedicated machine for the
linstor-controller, that is the only one which does not even have to have
drbd installed.
I guess on your satellite, you are still missing the
"linstor-resources.res" file with the its content that includes
every drbd-using satellite has to have drbd installed AND have those config
files correctly. the "drbdadm ..." commands are all executed on each
affected satellite, not on the controller and especially not _only_ on the
controller. In fact, the controller will never have any of those .res files
(as long as it is a pure controller, and not a controller + satellite, i.e.
combined node.)

Hope that helps,
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