[DRBD-user] Error message: Failed to create meta-data for DRBD volume

Daniel Ulman dulman at sacme.com.ar
Tue May 21 15:03:07 CEST 2019

Hi Robert,

Thanks to your email with the sequence of commands, I found the remains of a failed installation of LINSTOR in node 1, which at some point collided with the installation that I was trying to make it work.
To avoid new problems I reinstalled in all the nodes, PROXMOX and LINSTOR and now everything seems to be working as expected.
Thank you again for the help.

And thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my question.



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On 5/16/19 9:38 PM, Daniel Ulman wrote:
> Any command for drbdadm (adjust, cstate, etc.) say:
> 	no resources defined!
> If I run it without the '-c /var/lib/linstor.d/vm-100-disk-1.res' option.

I suggest to run the following sequence of commands and let us know the
output of each command:

getpcaps $$
which drbdadm
drbdadm --version
cat /proc/drbd
find / -name "drbdadm*" -exec ls -lZ \{\} \; 2>&-
find / -name "*.res" -exec ls -lZ \{\} \; 2>&-
ls -ldZ /etc
ls -ldZ /etc/drbd.d
ls -lZ /etc/drbd*.conf
ls -lZ /etc/drbd.d/global_common.conf
for file in $(find / -name "*.res"); do echo BEGIN ${file}; cat ${file}
| grep -v "shared-secret"; echo; echo END ${file}; echo; done 2>&-


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