[DRBD-user] Remove a DRBD resource

Marcio Demetrio Bacci marciobacci at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 18:59:03 CET 2019

I have two resources in the node, but I need to remove the storage-rede

I run the following commands:

1. drbdadm down storage-rede

2. drbdadm disconnect storage-rede

3. drbdadm detach storage-rede

4. drbdadm invalidate storage-rede

None of the above commands solved my problem.

root at server01:~# drbd-overview

  0:hd146         Connected    Primary/Secondary UpToDate/UpToDate C
r-----   /vms ext4   125G 78G 47G 63%
  1:storage-rede  Unconfigured .

How could I remove the DRBD resource storage-rede  (Unconfigured) ?


Márcio Bacci
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