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Oleksiy Evin o.evin at onefc.com
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Yes, we've tested this approach as well. LVM can join DRBD devices into a single volume. But this way it may be more complicated to bypass drbd in case of any problems with it. A few weeks ago we've grown our volume above the allowed limit and DRBD stopped to work. We were not able to shrink it back because DRBD error appeared in a month time after reboot and we've already started to populate the extended space. With RAID0->LVM->DRBD->XFS we simply changed a mount point from DRBD to LVM volume with minimum impact to operation time. In case of RAID0 -> DRBD -> LVM -> XFS I guess it would be required to recover LVM volume changing DRBD to the physical disks in meta data.

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Is it possible to use Linux MD on top of DRBD devices? ie, use /dev/drbd[0-3] to create a RAID0 array?
Or I guess using them as PV's and then creating a single LV across all of them?
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