[DRBD-user] PingAck did not arrive in time.

Oleksiy Evin o.evin at onefc.com
Tue Jun 25 06:00:39 CEST 2019

We have several hundred projects under this storage, so theoretically we can do the split if required. However, could you please clarify, what are the limitations/drawbacks of a single volume use? As I've mentioned we were able to achieve stable 12Gbps replication sync, which is equal to SAS HBA throughput where the HDD enclosures connected to. Our original plan was to expand this volume to 8 enclosures (872TiB), which is our maximum for a single controller port on the hardware level, then introduce another volume.

As a side note, we were able to run DRBD9 for some time with 3 nodes, even before you adjusted drbdmeta size limitation. It looks like you do not perform the meta size check while extending DRBD volume online with drbdadm resize. Everything worked fine until we rebooted the node to apply some system updates, then we got drbdmeta size error and had to downgrade to DRBD 8, and 2 nodes setup. 
I'll give another try with increased "ping-timeout" shortly and let you know if it resolved the problem. Anyway, thank you for all your assistance!

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On 6/24/19 3:39 PM, Oleksiy Evin wrote:At this moment we're able to achieve about 1.2GB while replicationwhich is little bit slower then a single enclosure speed, but enoughfor all our needs. Potentially we may grow up above PB next year or two.
I don't think so, at least not with a single volume on the currentversion of DRBD, because 1 PiB is currently the maximum gross size of asingle DRBD volume.
Do you advise any different setup?
I would certainly recommend splitting the data if it's possible. I knowthat 4k/8k video material can be very large in size, but I guess those~600 TiB of data is not the working set size for a single movieediting/finish/effects/... project, or is it?If it is rather something like an archive, or a single volume with mixedcontent, then partitioning by either date or content type could be apossible solution.
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