[DRBD-user] Thanks for the recent commits

Eddie Chapman eddie at ehuk.net
Sat Aug 4 15:03:52 CEST 2018

Just wanted to say thanks guys for fixing the missing set-out-of-sync 
bit issue and others in the commits that have just appeared in drbd-9.0 
git repo. I was relieved to see them.

I believe I have been bitten by these bugs more than once in recent 
months, as whenever I have had a Primary resource go diskless for 
whatever reason, in recent months, it has almost always led to problems 
that are difficult to recover from. (I know, I need to find time to 
report issues properly with info & logs to be of more help)

Just yesterday I had a resource's Primary go diskless due to a 
mysterious read error (most likely a problem with a lower layer), and I 
cannot now re-attach the primary's disk again. drbd (9.0.13-1) starts 
negotiating the re-attach with the secondary, says "uuid_compare()=-100 
by rule 100", and just detaches.

By the way, I appreciate the tone of your commit messages :-) Please 
know that you are much appreciated, at least by me, even in the rare 
occasion when severe bugs are found :-) I know that kernel work is hard, 
and I admire & respect anyone who attempts it.

In view of the severity of these bugs, I am _REALLY_ looking forward to
9.0.15 rc2. May I ask if there is an ETA for it yet? Hope I am not 
pestering the "cook" too much, don't want him to throw knives out of the 
"kitchen" at me (or spit in the food) :-)


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