[DRBD-user] fence (unfence really) versus corosync (slow startup)

Christian Balzer chibi at gol.com
Wed May 10 13:58:23 CEST 2017

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On Wed, 10 May 2017 10:52:26 +0200 Robert Altnoeder wrote:

> On 05/10/2017 10:15 AM, Christian Balzer wrote:
> > Since that needs to be selectable (if DRBD is not used with Pacemaker), a
> > proper solution is needed.  
> That would certainly be preferable, however unix-like systems do not
> exactly have a strong tradition of supplying administration tools that
> offer configuration choices based on installed packages. I am not sure
> whether or not Debian is going to create a configuration option for that.
> >  
> >> Sysadmin's bag of tricks says,
> >> rm /etc/rcX.d/drbd  
> > That's being done by both the "systemctl disable" and/or update-rc.d,
> > insserv, etc.
> >
> > Alas the the systemd-sysv component will pick up anything in /etc/init.d/
> > regardless of rc levels/links.  
> That is an obvious malfunction in systemd-sysv which should certainly be
> fixed.
Just as a reference for future generations finding this thread, the
correct workaround for LSB sysv scripts is to not use disable but
"systemctl mask <name>".


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