[DRBD-user] Proxmox 4.2 DRBD0 rsync-rate?

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Fri Jun 10 10:31:04 CEST 2016

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On Thu, Jun 09, 2016 at 10:08:39PM -0500, Jason Romo wrote:
> I am using proxmox 4.2 with DRBD9.  All is working now.  Trying to tune the rate for bonded 2x 10Gbe network. I have added the options to global_common.conf
> disk {
> 		c-plan-ahead 0;
>     	    	c-fill-target 24M;
>         	c-min-rate 80M;
>         	c-max-rate 720M;
> 		# resync-rate 200M;
> }
> net {
> 		max-buffers             36k;
>         	sndbuf-size            1024k;
>         	rcvbuf-size            2048k;
> }
> I do drbdmanage reconfigure  But has no changed in the rate.  Only getting
> max            3.20 Mbit/s
> Why is it not using the options.  I have tried to change the settings
> to all kinds of things. 

Here you mixed the "old way" (editing things manually) and the "new way"
(drbdmanage). global_common.conf should be taken into account by
drbdmanage but reconfigure is just for reconfiguring the server (e.g.
the loglevel).

So, for the manual way, you have to use drbdadm adjust/dump/... In your
case nothing happened that would have triggered drbdmanage to adjust
your settings (there were no drbd events or modifications to the
drbdmanage control volume). For manage it was just "somebody edited some
file". And there is no need to track these files because:

If you use drbdmanage, don't touch drbd configuration files, you can set
all these options with drbdmanage, these are the relevant commands:
drbdmanage list | egrep options

The advantage is that drbdmanage then knows what to do (e.g., drbdadm adjust).

tl;tr: If you use drbdmange, don't edit configs/res files manually, if
you do, you are wrong.

Regards, rck

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