[DRBD-user] Programmatically Configure/Setup DRBD

Marc Smith marc.smith at mcc.edu
Mon Jun 8 15:40:13 CEST 2015

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Perfect, thanks!


On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 4:08 AM, Roland Kammerer
<roland.kammerer at linbit.com> wrote:
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> Subject: [DRBD-user] Programmatically Configure/Setup DRBD
> Hi,
> I'd like to develop a tool/front-end to configuring and setting up
> DRBD (eg, get/set global DRBD settings, add/remove/modify DRBD
> resources, etc.). Had a couple questions regarding this topic, and
> looking for input if other users have any...
> - It doesn't appear there is a way to directly add/remove DRBD
> resource configurations from the command line tools (eg, drbdadm)...
> the DRBD configuration files are the "source of truth" and no way to
> add configurations via CLI tools (other than editing the config. files
> then running the CLI tools to evaluate the configuration). Right?
> Nothing new for this in DRBD 9?
> Oh, we have a tool for managing drbd9 resources, volumes, LVM snapshots and what not:
> http://git.linbit.com/gitweb.cgi?p=drbdmanage.git;a=summary
> This tool generates drbd config files and distributes them in your cluster. Patches welcome, I personally do not see a need for something else.
> Regards, rck
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