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On 05/06/15 03:16 PM, Marc Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to develop a tool/front-end to configuring and setting up
> DRBD (eg, get/set global DRBD settings, add/remove/modify DRBD
> resources, etc.). Had a couple questions regarding this topic, and
> looking for input if other users have any...
> - It doesn't appear there is a way to directly add/remove DRBD
> resource configurations from the command line tools (eg, drbdadm)...
> the DRBD configuration files are the "source of truth" and no way to
> add configurations via CLI tools (other than editing the config. files
> then running the CLI tools to evaluate the configuration). Right?
> Nothing new for this in DRBD 9?
> - Assuming that's the case, I then need a way to
> read/write/parse/manipulate the DRBD configuration files...
> - Does anyone know of a library for manipulating configuration type
> files that supports the DRBD configuration file syntax? I took a look
> at libconfig and the syntax it supports looks to be close to that of
> DRBD, but different.
> - If there isn't a library in existence that supports the DRBD
> configuration files, my next idea is to create an XSLT stylesheet for
> turning XML into the DRBD configuration files via xsltproc. You could
> then manipulate the DRBD XML file(s) (for reading/writing settings)
> and then convert those to the DRBD configuration files before running
> drbdadm commands. Corosync has this tool and matching XSLT stylesheet
> for its config. file syntax (corosync-xmlproc); I believe I could
> easily adapt this for DRBD.
> Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.
> --Marc

Hi Marc,

  I'll let the DRBD devs pipe in for authoritative comments.

  I've got a tool that automatically partitions a system, writes the
DRBD configs and initializes DRBD. It's not DRBD specific, it's part of
a wider installer I wrote for our project.

  I dealt with this by just directly writing/editing the global and
per-resource files, then using drbdadm to initialize and manage DRBD.
Works quite well for me.

  If you want to create a nice new general purpose interface though, I
am sure that would be much appreciated. I would suggest though that you
work against DRBD 9. It's going to be released "real soon now(tm)" and
marks a non-trivial departure from DRBD 8. Given it will be the
long-term DRBD supported in the future, I think that is the best place
for effort to be directed.

  I'm not yet sure what management features/interfaces will be available
yet, though I've not personally heard of a webui/gui (though I could
have been told and then forgotten :) ).


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