[DRBD-user] Programmatically Configure/Setup DRBD

Marc Smith marc.smith at mcc.edu
Fri Jun 5 21:16:01 CEST 2015

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I'd like to develop a tool/front-end to configuring and setting up
DRBD (eg, get/set global DRBD settings, add/remove/modify DRBD
resources, etc.). Had a couple questions regarding this topic, and
looking for input if other users have any...

- It doesn't appear there is a way to directly add/remove DRBD
resource configurations from the command line tools (eg, drbdadm)...
the DRBD configuration files are the "source of truth" and no way to
add configurations via CLI tools (other than editing the config. files
then running the CLI tools to evaluate the configuration). Right?
Nothing new for this in DRBD 9?
- Assuming that's the case, I then need a way to
read/write/parse/manipulate the DRBD configuration files...
- Does anyone know of a library for manipulating configuration type
files that supports the DRBD configuration file syntax? I took a look
at libconfig and the syntax it supports looks to be close to that of
DRBD, but different.
- If there isn't a library in existence that supports the DRBD
configuration files, my next idea is to create an XSLT stylesheet for
turning XML into the DRBD configuration files via xsltproc. You could
then manipulate the DRBD XML file(s) (for reading/writing settings)
and then convert those to the DRBD configuration files before running
drbdadm commands. Corosync has this tool and matching XSLT stylesheet
for its config. file syntax (corosync-xmlproc); I believe I could
easily adapt this for DRBD.

Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.


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