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On 10/12/15 09:27 AM, Fabrizio Zelaya wrote:
> Thank you Lars and Adam for your recommendations.
> I have ping-timeout set to 5 and it still happened.
> Lars with this fencing idea. I have been contemplating this, however I
> am rebuilding servers which are already in place,  All the configuration
> related to cman and drbd  was literally copied and pasted from the old
> servers.

You can hook DRBD into cman's fencing with the rhch_fence fence handler,
which is included with DRBD. This assumes, of course, that you have
cman's fencing configured properly.

> Is this concept of having dual-primary without fencing being a
> mis-configuration something new?

No, but it is often overlooked.

> I ask this because as you would imagine by now, the old servers are
> working with the exact same configuration and have no problems at all.
> And while your idea makes perfect sense it would also make sense to have
> the exact same problem on every version of drbd.

Fencing is like a seatbelt. You can drive for years never needing it,
but when you do, it saves you from hitting the windshield.

Fencing is 100% needed, and all the more so with dual-primary.

> There is a difference to be consider I guess. I am now installing this
> servers using SL6 as you saw in my original email, the old servers are
> working with Debian 6.0.7
> The old servers are running  drbd8-utils  2:8.3.7-2.1

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