[DRBD-user] DRBD spontaneously loses connection

Igor Cicimov icicimov at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 06:12:34 CET 2015

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On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 3:08 AM, Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> wrote:

> On 10/12/15 09:27 AM, Fabrizio Zelaya wrote:
> > Thank you Lars and Adam for your recommendations.
> >
> > I have ping-timeout set to 5 and it still happened.
> >
> > Lars with this fencing idea. I have been contemplating this, however I
> > am rebuilding servers which are already in place,  All the configuration
> > related to cman and drbd  was literally copied and pasted from the old
> > servers.
> You can hook DRBD into cman's fencing with the rhch_fence fence handler,
> which is included with DRBD. This assumes, of course, that you have
> cman's fencing configured properly.
> > Is this concept of having dual-primary without fencing being a
> > mis-configuration something new?
> No, but it is often overlooked.
> > I ask this because as you would imagine by now, the old servers are
> > working with the exact same configuration and have no problems at all.
> > And while your idea makes perfect sense it would also make sense to have
> > the exact same problem on every version of drbd.
> Fencing is like a seatbelt. You can drive for years never needing it,
> but when you do, it saves you from hitting the windshield.
> Fencing is 100% needed, and all the more so with dual-primary.

So this practically excludes the DRBD usage in the public clouds like AWS,
right? Here shutting down the peer's power supply is impossible and using
the CLI has no guarantee that shutting down a peer VM will ever happen
since has to be done via the network. Even if the VM's have multiple
network interfaces provisioned for redundancy in different subnets they are
still virtual and there is possibility they end up on the same physical
interface on the hypervisor host which has failed (or it's switch), causing
the split brain in the first place.

> > There is a difference to be consider I guess. I am now installing this
> > servers using SL6 as you saw in my original email, the old servers are
> > working with Debian 6.0.7
> >
> > The old servers are running  drbd8-utils  2:8.3.7-2.1
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