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Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
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Eduardo, thank you for your input, but Virtual Box (workstation product) is a completely different animal than Oracle VM (bare-metal hypervisor). I don’t get to choose the underlying storage, and OVM3 choses OCFS2.


I guess I’ll simply have to try it out and see if DRBD will compile/run/etc.




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I am using Active/Active drbd with virtualbox ocfs2, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

My experience is if you don't need ocfs2 don't use... is better use reiserfs or xfs and  XEN (if you don't know abour virtualization you can use virtualbox, it is more easy).

If you need more info fell free contact by chat in gmail.


On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 7:57 PM, Dan Barker <dbarker at visioncomm.net> wrote:

I'm looking at a Primary/Secondary, Protocol B (or maybe A with Proxy) for a
warm-DR site of a one-host, 4VM Oracle VM 3.0.3 system.

Anyone got any experience with OVM 3 and DRBD?

I was planning to put DRBD on the OVM 3 host and have it provide /dev/drbd0
to OVM for its repository (OVM3 Repositories are OCFS2, in case you are not

I have not even checked that it will compile, but if someone has done it
before that would be good to know.

Specific hardware is a dual-XEON 5690 box with an RAID 1+0 array Areca 1222
(multi-terabyte), 4 Gig NICs and 96G Ram in a 2U enclosure.

Dan, in Atlanta

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