[DRBD-user] DRBD stability - machine auto reboot

Charles Kozler charles at fixflyer.com
Tue Nov 29 23:47:03 CET 2011

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They do or do not have a # in front of them?

My suggestion would be is to place a # in front of them if they do not have it there, restart DRBD, and try to recreate the issue. If it does not restart then we can probably confirm that's what is causing it.

If you worry about commenting them out then maybe you can edit the lines (or the scripts the events call) and have it touch a file in /tmp so you can confirm its actually an event being thrown and not something unrelated to DRBD.

Finally, if they are commented, then I'm not really sure what it could be. Does 'last -n 10' command say 'crash' or indicate an error? Maybe look at /var/logs and see if it was a clean reboot initiated or a system crash.

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