[DRBD-user] Secondary node is Diskless

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Sun Jul 31 14:02:06 CEST 2011

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Check the logs for the reason the node went to diskless.


You don’t say the state of the nodes before the sync nor the method of requesting the full sync. If these are the same nodes as your recent message (DRBD 8.0.13-HA 2.1.3 sync after physical move), something interesting changed; either CLI commands or log file messages. Both disks were attached in those status displays.


If these are different nodes, then we are still in the dark.




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After a full sync, Serv2 (Secondary) is now showing ds:Diskless/UpToDate. Is there something wrong with Serv2's hard drive? What would be the procedure for checking this out? I was under the impression that it should show UpToDate, too.

Thanks in advance.

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