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Mon Jul 11 16:08:40 CEST 2011

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Hi Felix,

online resize is not my question / problem. I just mean the creation of the
drbd metadata when I setup the mentionned fileserver.

So step by step:

Documentation says: "If you are planning to use internal meta data in
conjunction with an existing lower-level device that already has data which
you wish to preserve, you must account for the space required by DRBD's meta
data. Otherwise, upon DRBD resource creation, the newly created metadata
would overwrite data at the end of the lower-level device, potentially
destroying existing files in the process."

So in my case the "existing lower-level device" is the LVM volume, that I

Documentation says: "To avoid that, you must do one of the following things:
Enlarge your lower-level device. This is possible with any logical volume
management facility (such as LVM or EVMS) as long as you have free space
available in the corresponding volume group or container. It may also be
supported by hardware storage solutions.  OR   Shrink your existing file
system on your lower-level device. This may or may not be supported by your
file system.

You may calculate the exact space requirements for DRBD's meta data using
the following formula..."

The docu is here really confusing, what to do: "Enlarge your lower-level
device" OR "Shrink your existing file system on your lower-level device".
Thats just nonesense in my eyes.

Best wishes
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