[DRBD-user] allow-two-primary on ext3

Pavlos Parissis pavlos.parissis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 22:00:23 CEST 2010

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On 9 September 2010 21:38, Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] <r.bhatia at ipax.at> wrote:

> On 09.09.2010 21:07, Pavlos Parissis wrote:
>> So, in single-primary mode and using ext3 fs type, a node can have the
>> role of primary for 2 resources without any problems.
> one node can be primary for any number of drbd resources that are
> configured for this host, as long as no other host is currently in
> primary mode and no split brain has occured.
> in case of a "split brain", there is no connection between the
> hosts running drbd and thus both nodes could end up as primary hosts.
> e.g. both are secondary and uptodate, you unplug the network connection
> and promote both to primary.
> thats why it is important to address split brain scenarios.
> (the manual should provide information on this)
> cheers,
> raoul

Thanks for the clarification Raoul.

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