[DRBD-user] Using XenServer HA with DRBD

Albert forall at stalowka.info
Mon Jul 26 19:11:37 CEST 2010

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W dniu 2010-07-26 16:45, Thomas Stinner pisze:
> Am 25.07.2010 20:58, schrieb Albert:
>> Hi,
>> I using xenserver 5.6 with together drbd, but not with HA-SR, only
>> with shared storage.
>> Have you any problem with this solution? I have problem, if I rebooted
>> or shutdown xenserver, after backup all time the drbd-sr is broken, I
>> must in xencenter all the time repair this.
>> In /proc/drbd I saw primary/primary, but I must repair storage (is
>> unplugged)
>> Have you a similar problem?
> Do you use bonding?
> I had the same problem when using bonding, since drbd is started before
> the xen script, so the interface is not available then.
> However, it is also not possible to start drbd after the xen script,
> because the SR isn't available to Xen then.
> Greetings
> Thomas

I don't use bondig, your modification in drbd script, solved the problem.

Thx for help


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