[DRBD-user] Using XenServer HA with DRBD

Thomas Stinner thomas.stinner at schuechen.de
Mon Jul 26 16:45:16 CEST 2010

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Am 25.07.2010 20:58, schrieb Albert:
> Hi,
> I using xenserver 5.6 with together drbd, but not with HA-SR, only 
> with shared storage.
> Have you any problem with this solution? I have problem, if I rebooted 
> or shutdown xenserver, after backup all time the drbd-sr is broken, I 
> must in xencenter all the time repair this.
> In /proc/drbd I saw primary/primary, but I must repair storage (is 
> unplugged)
> Have you a similar problem?

Do you use bonding?

I had the same problem when using bonding, since drbd is started before 
the xen script, so the interface is not available then.

However, it is also not possible to start drbd after the xen script, 
because the SR isn't available to Xen then.


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