[DRBD-user] DRBD Not working Properly with Heartbeat

Rakesh Yadav rakesh.yadav at orkash.com
Mon Jul 5 14:54:32 CEST 2010

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Hello All,

I am developing a master fail-over for my perceus cluster.

from a long time I am trying to implement DRBD in combination with 
heartbeat but it's not working as it is suppose to be.

I have two masters( Primary and Secondary) and configured to provide 
fail-over to the primary master . My heartbeat is running on a virtul ip 
which is on a public network. Heartbeat is configured in this a way to 
provide perceus as a Highly Available service and provide a private ip 
fail-over on which my master is  running . Everything is going well but 
when fail-over takes place then nodes of the cluster shows *a stale file 
system error*.

I want to replicate all those files from primary master to the secondary 
one which are providing provisioning to the  cluster nodes  with the 
help of DRBD.  Now DRBD is replicating data but it's *not working with 
the combination of heartbeat*. (Replicated disk should mount 
automatically to the system which becomes primary when fail-over takes 

Nothing happen with DRBD when I start heartbeat I am doing everything 
manually. I am doing it as:

*on primary master:*

#service drbd start
#drbdadm primary drbd1
#mount /dev/drbd1 /replicated
#umount /replicated
#drbdadm secondary drbd1

*on secondary node :*

#service drbd start
#drbdadm primary drbd1
#mount /dev/drbd1 /replicated

and also there is still a stale file-system problem when I mount disks 
manually as above to the other system after fail-over on the nodes of 
the cluster .

I am seeking for any kind of help from you guys...!



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