[DRBD-user] DRBD 8.3.1 linux Crash

Tim Evers it at niemail.de
Fri Jul 3 14:45:17 CEST 2009

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Philipp Reisner schrieb:
>> > > During normal operation everything is fine. But if I fire up a new drbd
>> > > device (drbdadm up res or drbdadm adjust res) sometimes (about 1 out of
>> > > ten times) the machine crashes with kernel panic.
> [...]
>> > Last night I configured aroung 40 new drbd devices on the production
>> > machine and got a crash after about 35 configured devices. I made a
>> > screenshot from my kvm screen during the crash:
> [...]
>> This is of course very interesting, but that partial call trace is
>> unfortunately useless.
> I have to correct myself. That partial stack trace was sufficient to track
> the issue down in the end.
> Here is the patch, that fixes the issue.


thanks a lot for the patch!

Is the patch against 8.3.1 or 8.3.2rc2? I have a failed hunk resulting
in the patch seeking for:

 static unsigned long bm_count_bits(struct drbd_bitmap *b)

while my 8.3.1 sources use:

 static inline unsigned long bm_count_bits(struct drbd_bitmap *b)

Not a big thing I think but I would like to be sure.

Best regards


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