[DRBD-user] Network cut off on Primary/Primary connection.

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Wed Jul 1 17:17:25 CEST 2009

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GFS2 freezes I/O when it loses connection to a cluster node until
fencing completes, which is probably what's keeping you from unmounting.

And, you are running yourself into split brain from which you need to
manually recover (assuming you haven't configured split brain
autorecovery policies). Please take a look at Lon Hohberger's DRBD GFS
cookbook http://sourceware.org/cluster/wiki/DRBD_Cookbook if the
information in the DRBD User's Guide is not sufficient.

Best regards,

On 2009-06-29 13:03, Nobuhito Ogawa wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I set up DRBD Primary/Primary connection by DRBD, CMAN, LVM2 and GFS2.
> And tested about network cut off by pull out the network cable.
> After three minute, reconnect the network cable but DRBD don't reconnect.
> And the DRBD disk can't unmount by commend "umount".
> It needs machine shutdown.
> I tryed command "drbdadm connect r0" but it didn't work.
> Please teach me how can I reconnect the DRBD if you know.
> Installed package is
> OS Centos 5.2
> drbd drbd82.x86_64 8.2.6-1
> kmod-drbd82.x86_64 8.2.6-2
> cman.x86_64 2.0.84-2
> lvm2.x86_64 2.02.32-4
> lvm2-cluster.x86_64 2.02.32-4
> gfs2-utils.x86_64 0.1.44-1
> Thanks,
> Nobuhito
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