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Mark Olliver mark at thermeon.com
Wed Jul 1 17:54:25 CEST 2009

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I am just installing a opsview/nagios monitoring server and am looking  
to monitor the drbd disks on my servers. I have found a plugin called  
check_drbd but it seems to not say or verify if a host it primary/ 
secondary which would be good. It does look to check the other service  
states and reports that it should check primary/secondary but is not.  
(or i am using it wrong).

I am using the 8.3.1 version of drbd if that makes a difference. If  
anyone can help or has a plugin i would appreciate it. Or if you have  
a plugin for openvz as i am on the hunt for that as well.



Mark Olliver BSc (Hons) MBCS CITP FCNSA,
Thermeon (Systems Admin)
Russ Hill Farm, Russ Hill, Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 0EL, UK
E. mark at thermeon.com
M. +44 79 20 062 647

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