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Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Wed Jul 1 18:33:10 CEST 2009

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From: Mark Olliver <mark at thermeon.com>
> I am just installing a opsview/nagios monitoring server and am looking  
> to monitor the drbd disks on my servers. I have found a plugin called  
> check_drbd but it seems to not say or verify if a host is primary/ 
> secondary which would be good.

If this is the nagios plugin that I'm thinking of, you have to pass a
parameter that's either "primary" or "secondary", so that the script
knows what's acceptable.  (This is a deficiency in the script IMHO.)
The script also reads /proc/drbd directly, which may not work as
expected with the most recent versions of drbd.

Fortunately, the nagios plugin is written in Perl, which means it's
easy to modify to make it do whatever you want.  You could make it
set $msg to "Primary" or "Secondary", whichever is in the /proc/drbd
file, for instance, and that'd show up on nagios's host info page.

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