[DRBD-user] Re: "out of range" error

Jeffrey Froman drbd.tcijf at olympus.net
Mon Oct 20 22:15:41 CEST 2008

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On Friday 17 October 2008 03:54:08 am Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> simple fix: just DO NOT explicitly set a size.
> it is only useful in very special cases if at all.

I am under the impression that our case requires (or required) the 
size parameter. We encountered overrun errors when initially syncing 
our nodes, which contained a pre-existing filesystem, with hugely 
different sized disks underneath. Adding the size parameter to 
restrict DRBD to a size slightly smaller than the smaller disk 
cleared up the problem.

Now that both nodes are sync'd, maybe it's safe to remove this 
parameter? Or maybe the overrun problems we had were specific to 
drbd-7.x, which is what we were using at the time. We are currently 
using version 8.2.5.

If we have to keep the size parameter, it sounds like the only thing 
broken is "drbdadm adjust", which we can work around by performing a 
full restart on each node when it is in the secondary role.

I'd rather remove the size parameter if it's not needed, but I'm not 
clear on which special cases might require it, and whether or not our 
case qualifies.

Thank you,

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