[DRBD-user] bio would need to, but cannot, be split

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Nov 28 12:27:01 CET 2008

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On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 12:26:24PM -0500, Road Runner wrote:
> Hi
> We work with XenServer Express

proffessional curiosity:

I mean why XenServer Express.
there are so many virtualization products out there,
even LINBIT has one ;)

not anything pro or contra your choice,
I'm just curious what your reasons are.

or do you happen to work for citrix?

> and we have encountered the "bio would need to,
> but cannot, be split" problem you wrote about in DRBD mailing list.

now. I suppose that "you" was me.
I write a lot on (this) mailing list,
so, do you mind to put me in context with a reference to that message?

> How ever we didn't understood where to change the  (max_phys_segments = 1,
> max_hw_segment = 1)

you are not supposed to change those.
we did that for you.

> We tried to change this values in drbd_nl.c before the compilation,
> but it had no effect.

would you like to post your (working and not working) patches for review?
that makes it much easier to comment on them ;-)

the drbd version you are using would be worth mentioning as well...

and, before you start patching drbd yourself,
why not ask us to do the integration work for you,
and patch it if necessary?

if you have any problems integrating drbd,
contact LINBIT.

I mean, that is what we are here for, right?

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