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Greg Freemyer greg.freemyer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:14:32 CET 2008

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On Jan 30, 2008 10:33 AM, George H <george.dma at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm going to be setting up a DRBD primary/primary setup and I
> understand I need a cluster-fs. I've looked at several (GFS2, OCFS2,
> OpenGFS, and LustreFS)
> Though I don't know which one is the most recomended. Personally I
> don't know the difference between OpenGFS and GFS2 other than GFS2
> seems to be done by RedHat and OpenGFS hasn't been touched since 2003.
> I've heard things about LustreFS but never seen it mentioned for DRBD
> (anyone tried it ?) Lastly OCFS2 ... it's free right ? :)
> Just need something that opensource and easy to maintain and upgrade
> (if need be)

I have not done any drdb / cfs work yet.  Not sure very many people really have.

So this is generic CFS discussion, not drbd related:

Ignore OpenGFS.  For details, read the wikipedia entry

Lustre is not really designed for small clusters.  ie. you implied 2
nodes.  Lustre is for many more than that.

So I think it is a choice of ocfs2 vs. gfs2

OCFS2 has been in the vanilla kernel for a year or more, but it is
missing some basic features you may miss. ie. no ACL support and I
don't think it supports file locking.   It was really designed to
offer just the functionality that Oracle needed for a clustered Oracle
DB setup.  See the metadata table at

GFS2 has also been in the vanilla kernel for a year or more and is
more of general purpose FS.  But since it is a Redhat developed FS, I
suspect you won't find much distro support outside of Redhat.

And you failed to mention a intriqueing possibility.  OpenSSI and it
its CFS.  They do have drbd integrated into that.  I'm not sure how
stable that environment is.  I also don't know if that CFS is
active/active, or more the traditional active/passive drdb setup.

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