[DRBD-user] Primary/Primary : how put a node in outdate mode ?

Dominique Fournier dominique.fournier at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Wed Jan 30 12:28:01 CET 2008

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I use a drbd 8.2.4-1, on a Debian 2.6.23-1-amd64 machine. The cluster 
should be in primary/primary mode with OCFS2 to support services on both 

It work really well under normal work.

When the drbd link drops, I would like :
- The first node continue to work as Primary (with Waiting For Connection)
- The second node go to Outdate mode.

When the link should goes up, the Secondary do a sync diff and after I 
can put it primary again, and restart OCFS and my services.

I wrote a drbd-peer-outdater which know on which node it is launched.

My problem is :
How can I put the second node in Outdate state immediately without 
passing it in Secondary mode ?
I can't pass it in Secondary because OCFS is mounted and dead services 
are connected to partition. I can't kill services nor OCFS because drbd 
is idle.

Thanks for your time !


My configuration is :
# /etc/drbd.conf
common {
     syncer {
         rate             100M;

resource r0 {
     protocol               C;
     on maq1.grenoble.cnrs.fr {
         device           /dev/drbd0;
         disk             /dev/sdb1;
         meta-disk        internal;
     on maq2.grenoble.cnrs.fr {
         device           /dev/drbd0;
         disk             /dev/sdb1;
         meta-disk        internal;
     net {
         after-sb-0pri    disconnect;
         after-sb-1pri    disconnect;
         after-sb-2pri    disconnect;
     disk {
         on-io-error      detach;
         fencing          resource-only;
     syncer {
         rate             100M;
         al-extents       257;
     startup {
         degr-wfc-timeout 120;
     handlers {
         outdate-peer     /root/cluster/drbd-peer-outdater.php;

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