[DRBD-user] DRBD-Newbie Questions

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Sun Jan 13 14:27:24 CET 2008

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Andreas Abele schrieb:
> Hi,
> i am quite new to drbd. So here are some maybe stupid questions:
> 1.) The 4TB Limit is as far as i understand it meant per drbd-device. Am 
> I right?


> 1a) So, can i use 2 or more drbd-devices with EACH up to 4TB?

> 2.) And ist it possible to build  LVMs on top of drbd? For example:
> I create 2 drbd-devices with each 4TB. And then i want to combine them 
> to a Volumegroup with lvm2.
> means something like:
> - pvcreate /dev/drbd0 /dev/drbd1
> - vgcreate data /dev/drbd0 /dev/drbd1
> - lvcreate -n shares -L 6TB data; lvcreate -n homes -L 2TB data
> and the resulting vg should have 8TB.

Yes, I'm doing this with 4 x 1,2 TB drbd devices. You may have to edit
the filter section in your lvm.conf so that lvm doesn't detect the
drbd disk devices. I accept only drbd devices in my config.

 filter = [ "a|/dev/drbd*|", "r|/*|" ]


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