[DRBD-user] primary/primary advice on drbd0.8

Pierguido pierg75 at yahoo.it
Thu Sep 20 09:23:41 CEST 2007

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David Stanaway wrote:
> 1 - OCFS2 home on primary/primary
>  - this is working, but I haven't tested around the edges yet ; ) - 
> settings for the resource in drbd.conf would be nice - eg the after-sb-? 
> settings.
I'm using too ocfs2 with primary/primary drbd.
I set after-sb* as:

after-sb-0pri discrad-younger-primary;
after-sb-1pri disconnect;
after-sb-2pri disconnect;

I'd like too have some advices with these parameters.

> I am having some problems having a node automatically become primary 
> after a reboot. I have to manually do it, and I am hesitant to script 
> the manual steps without a deeper understanding.
> drbdadm primary all
> mount /home
In the new drbd 8.0.6 there a nice option:


drbd.conf(5) will explain everything


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