[DRBD-user] primary/primary advice on drbd0.8

David Stanaway david at stanaway.net
Thu Sep 20 07:23:48 CEST 2007

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I am experimenting with drbd on my home debian/etch / debian/unstable 
(I backported unstable drbd packages/kernel to etch) systems and a pair 
of labor day 320G specials :)

There are 2 different primary/primary scenarios I am trying out.

1 - OCFS2 home on primary/primary
  - this is working, but I haven't tested around the edges yet ; ) - 
settings for the resource in drbd.conf would be nice - eg the after-sb-? 

I am having some problems having a node automatically become primary 
after a reboot. I have to manually do it, and I am hesitant to script 
the manual steps without a deeper understanding.

drbdadm primary all
mount /home

-- what happens if I have a power blink and both nodes reset? just up 
and primary all on both nodes?

2 - multipath to different iscsi-target presenting a primary/primary 
drbd lun
  - I just set this up - not sure if it is working properly yet.  The 
iscsi intiator is the Microsoft one for the XP workstation my wife uses.
  I set a ScsiId for the lun and both nodes have the same ietd.conf - 
both are running but one of my drbd nodes is still syncing.

  Is this safe to have a primary/primary drbd dev being used as 
multipath targets on separate nodes for iscsi-target? There should only 
be one host accessing the device at any one time with one idea of the 
state of the device.

  Would I be able to use that iscsi target as a quorum lun for a mscs 
cluster if I wanted (Not interested in that for home use, but maybe in 
the lab at work to simulate our SAN environment without bazillions in 
optical gear).

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