[DRBD-user] early steps: block device creation? (done during os install only?)

Leroy van Logchem leroy.vanlogchem at wldelft.nl
Wed Jul 18 13:33:45 CEST 2007

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> Am I supposed to make the block device during the initial server 
> build/OS install, -like creating /drbd at 130M on say /dev/sda8?
You could have left space unused and create two partitions after OS 
install. One for the metadata and the other for /dev/drbd0
( why not just start with drbd0? )

>                 meta-disk  internal;
You might want to change this to an external meta-disk /dev/sda8.

> -is there some fdisk action that I could perform that would borrow the 
> 128 Megs from an existing partition so I don't have to do an OS 
> re-install?
If you meant to use the space /var is on now, nothing has to change. 
Make sure to umount /var and check your fstab (even reboot).
After that create a new filesystem on /dev/drbd0 when it's brought up 
and primary.

But if /var is already in use with typical /var content then boot in 
single-user mode and move everything to a /var directory on your root 
disk /.


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