[DRBD-user] CVS replication with drbd?

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at ssa.crane.navy.mil
Tue Dec 18 15:35:27 CET 2007

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Tracy R Reed wrote, On 12/18/2007 03:32 AM:
> I have a situation where I have local developers in town with tons of 
> bandwidth and remote developers in Argentina with only a T1. I am hoping 
> to replicate some data including our CVS repository to Argentina so they 
> have a local copy. Sometimes they have to check out 200M of code and it 
> takes forever over a T1. If it were constantly synced up and ready when 
> they needed it things would be much nicer.
> Can DRBD be safely used (over VPN) over the Internet as opposed to just 
> between two boxes on the same LAN?
> If I want both locations to be able to write to the volume I assume I 
> will have to use something like GFS. Anyone have experience running CVS 
> on GFS on DRBD over the Internet?
> Is this whole idea nuts?

I don't know how GFS would handle working over the link, but you can't do what 
you want with DRBD without using GFS or something like it.

There are three things I would suggest you look into in addition to the GFS+DRBD:
1) are they using CVS's built in compression?
2) why are they checking out all 200M of code???
    if they have a sandbox already, just update it.
    if they want to make sure they don't have any junk in the sandbox, tell 
them to start keeping 2, the first is _just_ updated periodically and the 
second is a copy of the first for when they want to do some work.
3) look into Mirroring your repo using cvs tools:
(link is not working right, search down to "Mirror Repositories")
CVSup is probably what you want http://www.cvsup.org/

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