[DRBD-user] adjusting rate broken?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Dec 18 11:56:07 CET 2007

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I just started my very first drbd test setup, but it looks like the 
devices are synchronizing a bit slowly: ~800 kB/s.

The fine manual says:

rate rate

     To ensure smooth operation of the application on top of DRBD, it is 
possible to limit the bandwidth which may be used by background 
synchronizations. The default is 250 KB/sec, the default unit is KB/sec. 
Optional suffixes K, M, G are allowed.

So, why is it so slow (~800 kB/s), if I have rate set to 10M?

common { syncer { rate 10M; } }

Let's try to increase this value then ("Optional suffixes K, M, G are 

common { syncer { rate 1G; } }

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work:

# drbdadm adjust -d
/etc/drbd.conf:2: rate 1G => 1048576K out of range [1..700000]K.

When I set this to 100M, it just shows help:

# drbdadm adjust -d


  {--config-file|-c} val
  {--drbdsetup|-s} val
  {--drbdmeta|-m} val
  {--drbd-proxy-ctl|-p} val


Version: 8.2.1 (api:86)
GIT-hash: 318925802fc2638479ad090b73d7af45503dd184 build by tch at laptok, 
2007-12-17 14:00:25

missing arguments

How can I increase this speed a bit? 800 kB/s is a bit slow for me.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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