[DRBD-user] "drbd: Minor for /dev/nb0 (drbd0) not found in /proc/drbd"

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Thu Feb 3 15:51:36 CET 2005

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On 2005-02-03T09:41:26, paul-bennett at nc.rr.com wrote:

> On SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.1, using the DRBD RPM supplied with
> the OS. Note: I cannot change the version of DRBD I'm using due to the
> environment I'm testing in.

There is no SLES 8.1; there's just SLES8.

> nodea:~ # ls -l /dev/nb0
> brw-rw---- 1 root root 43, 0 Oct 21 2002 /dev/nb0
> nodea:~ # cat /proc/drbd
> version: 0.7.3 (api:75/proto:74)
> SVN Revision: 1517:1518 build by phil at mescal, 2004-08-27 15:06:22
>  0: cs:Unconfigured
> nodea:~ # rpm -q drbd
> drbd-0.6.6-152

That isn't the version supplied with the OS. No way. SLES8 is frozen at
the 0.6 branch, and I think the latest version we made available to
clients and customers in the last updates for SLES8 was 0.6.13.

You must have manually installed a different version. Please do not lie
about such, it makes debugging impossible.

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