[DRBD-user] Current Primary shall become sync TARGET

Luca Uburti lucauby at yahoo.it
Thu Sep 30 15:46:55 CEST 2004

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This is my first post to this ML, I hope this problem
has not been already discussed here, but I couldn't
find a solution elsewhere.

I installed drbd 0.7.4 + heartbeat rpm's for RH8 from
UltraMonkey + ipfail.

I set up a cluster of two computers: node1 (primary)
and node2 (secondary), sharing the drbd device on the
net with Samba. Each node has two Nic's, one for the
data and one for the heartbeats on a crossover cable.

Everything seems to work fine except for one thing.

Whenever I disconnect the eth cable from node1 (the
"data" cable, not the heartbeat cable), node1 becomes
secondary and node2 becomes primary, BUT if I later
reconnect this cable, the node2 prints this message in
the logs:
"Current Primary shall become sync TARGET! Aborting to
prevent data corruption."
and then goes to StandAlone mode, while node2 stays
secondary/WFConnection forever.

If I reboot or I just pull the power cord from a
computer (primary or secondary), the cluster seems to
react normally. It fails over / fails back without a

The problem is ONLY when I disconnect the primary's
ethernet cable and then connect it back.

Changing the auto_failback option doesn't solve the 
I wonder if this behaviour is by design or if there's
something wrong with my cluster configuration.

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