[DRBD-user] Support Question

Greg Freemyer freemyer-ml at NorcrossGroup.com
Thu Sep 16 01:30:59 CEST 2004

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On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 19:25, Jeff Buck wrote:
> For more than 2TB of storage, is it acceptable to use multiple drbd
> devices, and then use LVM2 to glue the devices together and make them
> appear as one? DRBD doesn't like to go over about 2 gigs right now if I
> understand correctly. 
> Another option might be to use them as separate devices. Our document
> management system allows us to store documents on one device for a
> while, and then later change the target device for new documents (old
> documents are still accessible in their original location with the
> normal interface.. document path is stored on a file by file basis)

LVM2 on top of DRBD should not be a problem.

Multiple 1 or 2 TB filesystems may also work.  I had not really thought
about that. 

As you say, all the docs may not have to be on the same filesystem.

Will need to check.

Greg Freemyer

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