[DRBD-user] drbd + nfs for rw access to mirrored partition from both nodes

Curtis Tiffany curtis at reecemarketing.com
Fri Mar 5 21:03:54 CET 2004

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I've been thinking of doing this as well.  I've not performed any tests, 
but why are you trying to unmount /dev/nb0 as a part of your failover? 
The secondary machine shouldn't have /dev/nb0 mounted.

If a is primary and b is secondary, a fails
When you are sure you want b to become the primary
	b unmounts /rep
	b sets itself as primary drbd node
	b mounts /dev/nb0 on /mnt/rep
	b mounts /mnt/rep on /rep via nfs

You say you're mounting over nfs using the cluster IP address 
(singular).  Would using static IPs for each node, for use with DRBD, 
help with your situation?

Are you sure you're not trying to unmount /dev/nb0 while it's mounted to 
/mnt/rep or in primary mode?

> Hello,
> 	I am currently using drbd with heartbeat.  The goal is to create a
> cluster where the secondary node has rw access to the mirrored partition by
> mounting it via nfs.  I am currently mounting /dev/nb0 on /mnt/rep and then
> also mounting it via nfs (using the cluster IP address) on mountpoint /rep
> on both the primary and secondary node.  The way im doing this creates
> problems when failing over and back again - it appears everything has to be
> timed just right or otherwise the system hangs when trying to unmount
> /dev/nb0. Does anyone know of an easier/more elegant way of doing this?
> thanks,
> James Ziller
> Information Systems
> Quad/Graphics - Q/DS
> West Allis, Wisconsin
> james.ziller at qg.com
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