[DRBD-user] heartbeat+nfs-server

Bernd Broermann bernd at broermann.com
Fri Jun 4 14:51:22 CEST 2004

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> / 2004-06-04 01:18:57 +0200
> \ Bernd Broermann:
>>Hallo ,
>>I want correctly set up a HA-DRBD cluster , which serve data via nfs.
>>I am using
>>drbd 0.6.12-1
>>heartbeat  1.0.4-1.woody.um.1
>>nfs-kernel-server      1.0-2woody1
>>on a 2.4.24 kernel based debian woody .
>>All is working so far.
>>When I gracefully stop Node1(master) with /etc/init.d/heartbeat stop , 
>>Node2 ( slave ) is taking over, becomes primary and the nfs share is 
>>still available.
>>Even when Node1 comes back, all is  working.
>>When I poweroff Node1, Node2 is taking over as I want as well.
>>But when Node1 comes back , heartbeat starts SyncAll from Node2 to Node1 
>>and stops NFS without waiting for for finishing the sync. Node1 starts 
>>nfs while secondary.
>>One have to wait all the SyncAll time until can access the cluster.
>>In my  /etc/ha.d/haresources there is on both nodes.
>>node1 datadisk::drbd0 nfs-kernel-server
>>How can I tell heartbeat to wait with shutting down the nfs-server on 
>>Node2 ( Wait to start the nfs server on Node1 ) ?
> this is one of the situations where drbd 0.6 is "misbehaving" ...

Do you suggest to use drbd 0.7 insted ?
> don't start heartbeat while drbd is resynching.
> if you have proper order of start scripts, and proper settings in
> drbd.conf (inittimeout=-0, NO skip-wait), and start drbd before you
> start heartbeat, the drbd init script will "block" the boot process
> until drbd has finished the resychronization. then heartbeat is started,
> and can make its decision.
>  or/and:
> tell heartbeat to *not* automatically relocate
> the services back to their "prefered" node.
> see the heartbeat config option auto_failback resp. nice_failback. 

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