[DRBD-user] heartbeat+nfs-server

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Jun 4 07:02:59 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-06-04 01:18:57 +0200
\ Bernd Broermann:
> Hallo ,
> I want correctly set up a HA-DRBD cluster , which serve data via nfs.
> I am using
> drbd 0.6.12-1
> heartbeat  1.0.4-1.woody.um.1
> nfs-kernel-server      1.0-2woody1
> on a 2.4.24 kernel based debian woody .
> All is working so far.
> When I gracefully stop Node1(master) with /etc/init.d/heartbeat stop , 
> Node2 ( slave ) is taking over, becomes primary and the nfs share is 
> still available.
> Even when Node1 comes back, all is  working.
> When I poweroff Node1, Node2 is taking over as I want as well.
> But when Node1 comes back , heartbeat starts SyncAll from Node2 to Node1 
> and stops NFS without waiting for for finishing the sync. Node1 starts 
> nfs while secondary.
> One have to wait all the SyncAll time until can access the cluster.
> In my  /etc/ha.d/haresources there is on both nodes.
> node1 datadisk::drbd0 nfs-kernel-server
> How can I tell heartbeat to wait with shutting down the nfs-server on 
> Node2 ( Wait to start the nfs server on Node1 ) ?

this is one of the situations where drbd 0.6 is "misbehaving" ...

don't start heartbeat while drbd is resynching.
if you have proper order of start scripts, and proper settings in
drbd.conf (inittimeout=-0, NO skip-wait), and start drbd before you
start heartbeat, the drbd init script will "block" the boot process
until drbd has finished the resychronization. then heartbeat is started,
and can make its decision.

tell heartbeat to *not* automatically relocate
the services back to their "prefered" node.
see the heartbeat config option auto_failback resp. nice_failback. 

> Do you have what options to put in the /etc/exports ?

	Lars Ellenberg

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