[DRBD-user] tough mount problem in fstab, help!

Peter HOLZLEITNER P.Holzleitner at unido.org
Thu Aug 26 22:20:11 CEST 2004

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Uh-oh ... why on earth would you remove the /var mount?

Remember that in unix/Linux, you attach a filesystem (such as the one
you will create on /dev/nb0 to hold your web data) on top of a directory
in the existing file system tree.  Normally, that existing directory
(the "mount point") is empty, but it does not have to be; if it isn't,
its contents will simply be invisible and inaccessible as long as the
new filesystem is mounted on top of it.

This is fairly basic Unix stuff BTW ... you may want to look at
something like http://www.tldp.org/LDP/sag/ for added enlightenment.


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I am trying to build up a cluster system.
'/var/www' is the only directory in '/var' that I want to duplicate
through drbd. Other directories in '/var' should be
remained unchanged. My question is:

1. I should add such line in fstab:
/dev/nb0       /var/www  defaults,noauto          0 0
, but should I remove the old line:
LABEL=/var     /var      ext3     defaults        1 2

2. If remove the old line, many other services will stop working on the
slave machine since they access the /var which
is not mounted. And the rc.sysint script, which is excuted at system
startup to clean some useless content in /var, will
also fail at startup.

my filesystem is like
/dev/hda1              5036284    155612   4624840   4% /
/dev/hda2              8064304     33404   7621244   1% /home
none                    240704         0    240704   0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda3              8064304   4649048   3005600  61% /usr
/dev/hda6            169110972    293432 160227188   1% /var

Thanks a lot!

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