[DRBD-user] tough mount problem in fstab, help!

Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at web.de
Thu Aug 26 22:09:21 CEST 2004

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Hi Dong,

> I am trying to build up a cluster system.
> '/var/www' is the only directory in '/var' that I want to duplicate through
> drbd. Other directories in '/var' should be remained unchanged. My question
> is:
> 1. I should add such line in fstab:
> /dev/nb0       /var/www  defaults,noauto          0 0
> , but should I remove the old line:
> LABEL=/var     /var      ext3     defaults        1 2
> 2. If remove the old line, many other services will stop working on the
> slave machine since they access the /var which is not mounted. And the
> rc.sysint script, which is excuted at system startup to clean some useless
> content in /var, will also fail at startup.

what are you trying to do? Why do you want to remove the fstab entry for /var? 
How do you mount /var on you primary system? When there is no /var, this 
system you also fail. 

As far as I understand your mail, you only want to duplicate /var/www, so so 
far there's no reason to remove the /var entry from your fstab. Unless you 
perhaps moved /var to your / partition ...?

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