[Drbd-dev] Resync Stalls at 100% patch problem

Montrose, Ernest Ernest.Montrose at stratus.com
Fri Jun 8 13:45:26 CEST 2007

Ah! Vacation.. I will test it out and let you know if I find any issues.



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On Thursday 07 June 2007 00:14:13 Montrose, Ernest wrote:
> Phil,
> I looked into the patch issue a bit more.
> This problem happens if we acquire the req_lock early.  What I think
> going on is this:
> Primary host ---->attach---> send_state()
> Peer -----> receive_state()-->after_state_ch()-->send_bitmap()
> Primary Host ---->receive_bitmap()***Unexpected cstate "Connected"
> Peer ----> send_state()
> Primary Host --->receive_state() and we are deadlock.
> The primary host is receiving the bitmap too early.  Essentially the
> peer should call send_state() before calling after_state_ch()
> I noticed the patch had moved that logic after calling
> so moving it back before after_state_ch() should be OK.  Any reason
> it was moved down?
> I tested the included patch that moved just before we call
> after_state_ch().
> Let me know.

Hi Ernest,

Sorry for the slow responses recently. We had a public holiday here,
and I was out in the mountains...

I have now committed a patch very similar to your suggestion.

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